When Are You Getting a New Social Security Number?

Social security number something that sticks with you. In fact, this is a useful tool for the government in order for them to know how much you are earning and if you are paying the right tax. It is a great way to monitor the amount of income that you have accumulated over the years. It also allows you to open up a bank account and work in the US.

However, there are instances when you will need to have a new social security number. What you have to understand is that though it is a rare occasion, it is also a possibility that you will need a new social security number. But before we discuss scenarios wherein you are getting new social security number, it is imperative to first know when you are not getting a new one.

If you lost your social security card, you don’t automatically get a new social security number. However, this leaves you prone to a number of things. The very first thing that you need to know is that you can have a replacement on your card. You can have a free replacement up to 3 times every year or a total of ten times in your lifetime. That’s more than enough number of times for you to keep your card in a safe place.

Now, once you have your new SSN card, it is always a good idea that you monitor the accounts. There is a chance that you might become a victim of identity theft. Identity theft is tricky is so many aspects. You could be in trouble with the IRS thinking that you have earned more than what you have declared. In addition to this, there are also some instances when they also go for your bank account and your credit card information.

Now, this is the time that you can have a new social security number. But of course, it can be tricky and it doesn’t come easy.

How to Avoid Identity Theft?

So how do you avoid identity theft? You need to understand that there are a number of ways on how you can avoid this. The first thing that you should remember is to always keep your social security number card somewhere private. You shouldn’t be carrying it around anywhere you go. You may lose your wallet and this leaves you prone to also losing the card. Instead, you want to just have it somewhere safe in your home. You also don’t want to show your SSN card as your primary ID. You can have a different ID for this.

If you are looking to ensure that you are not getting a new social security number, be sure that you are keeping the number private. Never let anyone know about it. In addition to this, you should also be mindful about your accounts. If you see something fishy, then you should already start to investigate. The last thing that you want is for someone to be using your SSN. It is quite common that undocumented migrants go after stolen SSN cards.